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At Drainage Solutions Los Angeles, we provide custom drainage solutions for both residential and commercial properties in order to address all kinds of drainage system failures in the greater Los Angeles area. Our custom drainage solutions include French drains, drain boxes, catch basins, flo-wells, sump pumps, and any other drainage system our clients desire!







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    Solving drainage problems around your property

    Are you struggling with drainage issues? Whether your home or business property is affected, our team of drainage experts is here to help you find the perfect solution for your predicament. We customize all of our drainage solutions in order to address your property’s unique needs without stepping outside of your individual budget.

    To provide the most thorough repairs possible, we conduct a full inspection in order to identify the cause of your drainage failure. Then we collaborate with our clients to craft a custom solution that is tailored to your individual needs. At Drainage Solutions Los Angeles, we understand that the integrity of a home relies on its structural durability. That’s why we make it  our mission to help Los Angeles homeowners keep their properties fortified one household at a time.







    Exploring your drainage solution options

    Each property is unique and comes with its own set of drainage needs and requirements. While our free home inspection will better inform you on which type of drainage service is best suited for your property, allow us to explain the benefits of some of our top drainage solutions.

    French drains

    French drains are a popular drainage solution that provide an aesthetically appealing option. French drains serve the important function of directing water away from crawl spaces underneath the home. They are installed underneath the  crawl space floor and along the perimeter of the home’s foundation to prevent water from pooling and channel it away from the home to prevent damage. To install a French drain, a trench is dug and a perforated pipe is placed inside. The pipe is covered so that no parts are sticking out, allowing the landscaping to avoid disruption.

    Drain boxes & catch basins

    Like French drains, these drainage solutions are also installed around the exterior foundation to keep it waterproofed. In order to install drain boxes and catch basins, trenches are dug and filled with gravel. This installation process facilitates smooth drainage, while both catch basins and drain boxes are credited with having a very low clog rate. Drain boxes and catch basins are trusted solutions for preventing water from pooling and causing foundation damage. These drainage solutions are able to redirect large quantities of water in very short periods of time, making them key assets for protecting your property during the rainy season.

    Sump pumps

    Sump pumps are a reliable drainage solution that is often installed in a basin underneath a crawl space. They function to pump water away from the home to prevent foundation damage caused by water pooling. 

    Sump pumps are especially beneficial for houses that are built on a lower lot than street level since they are designed to prevent low-level flooding. Sump pumps are a valuable drainage solution for houses built in areas prone to flooding or houses dealing with persistent water intrusion.

    Additional drainage solutions

    At Drainage Solutions Los Angeles, we’re happy to install any drainage solution that your unique situation requires. In addition to soil grading services, some of our other requested drainage solutions include atrium grates, rounded grates, pop-up emitters, flo-wells, trench drains/channel drains, and more. Whatever you require, we’re happy to install!

    Discover the right drainage solution at the best price!

    At Drainage Solutions Los Angeles, we strive to provide the best drainage solutions on the market to our customers in the greater Los Angeles area. Our friendly service representatives work closely with our clients to help capture your drainage solution vision in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. From the free inspection to the complete consultation through the entire repair process, we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and address concerns. Do you have questions you’ve been waiting to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you better understand your unique drainage situation!

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    Our team of experienced drainage system experts has been carefully selected to offer the highest degree of craftsmanship on the market. We address each and every project with the same degree of care and precision while working within your individual budget and expectations.  In addition to offering full draining solutions and soil grading, we specialize in foundation repair, installation, and replacements of all kinds.

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